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Our Story

Sham Tseng Roast Goose has long been famous for its crimson red color, charcoal-grilled, tender texture, and juicy flavor. Goose Manor preserves its sixty years of Yue Kee Restaurant traditions to ensure you all of its highest quality Roast Goose to our valued customers, patrons and visitors alike.


Mr. Ng Chun Yim, our grandfather, started Yue Kee as a small street vender in Sham Tseng in 1958. It was soon highly appreciated by everyone in the neighbourhood. With dedication and perseverance in improving the quality while keeping the authenticity and originality in Chinese dishes, Yue Kee Restaurant has gradually expanded and become one of the a well-known Roast Goose Restaurant around the world.


As the Chinese saying goes, “60 years is a lucky cycle”, we are now proudly presenting to you all Goose Manor, bringing you all a new level of enjoyment in the heart of the city center in Tsim Sha Tsui by our third-generation owners.

Since 1958

Keeping the originality throughout the years, our geese come from our own farm in Qingyuan City, near Guangzhou, where we raise black maned geese with natural environment and natural feed to ensure their best qualities. With carefully monitored preparation work and preserved family recipes, our roast goose and dishes are delivered with rich aroma as well as traditional flavor.  Using both fresh local and premium overseas ingredients, we strive to serve the best dishes to you all.


We passionately value our authentically flavored dishes, and achieve this high standard with preserved family recipes and premium ingredients. We earnestly welcome all Hong Kong patrons and visitors around the world to enjoy our Goose Manor authentic dishes.

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